The Collection

The urban succulent collection contains six succulent plants that have been chosen to live in almost any environment as long as they get some bright light every day.  It is important that they not remained in a closed box for more than 2-3 days.

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Although exact varieties may vary, the following is a list of the succulents included:

Care for your Succulents

Succulents should not remain in a closed box for more than 2 days.  They should be planted in fast-draining soil and in a container that has a drainage hole.  They do not need a lot of water.  Water only when the soil at the surface is dry to the touch.  Succulents need direct sunlight every day.  A south or west facing window is best.  You may put the succulents together into a succulent garden, or you may plant them individually.

The staff at Cactus & Tropicals will be happy to provide you with planting ideas and tips.