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Draper, UT  84020

Salt Lake City
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The Cactus & Tropicals Experience

Cactus & Tropicals is not just another garden store.  Our winding paths will lead you through ficus jungles, palms, cactus gardens, bonsai and hundreds of orchids. The air is full of the sound of bubbling fountains and the scent of flowering plants and herbs. Our outdoor nursery has perennials and annuals in abundance as well as trees and shrubs and flowering vines. You can also find native Utah plants that are drought-tolerant and perfect for the Utah climate.

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at either of our locations. Visit us at our Salt Lake or Draper store today. You can also find a selection of our products at our online store.


In our greenhouse

You will find exactly what you are looking for at either of our locations.  Visit us at our Salt Lake or Draper store today.  You can also find a selection of our products at our on-line store. 


When you visit either of our greenhouses packed with tropical plants, you'll feel rejuvenated by the beauty of nature.  At our stores you can find Venus flytraps, bird of paradise and nearly every variety of ficus.  We also carry herbs, topiaries, staghorn ferns, palms, citrus trees and numerous plants from around the globe.  If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, let us know.  Our expert staff is happy to order whatever you need. 

Floral Arrangements

Our stores set the standard for blooming arrangements.  Our designers work with live flowers and foliage to create living art.  Whether you are looking for a gift, a table centerpiece for a holiday party or a way to bring life and beauty into your home, we can design the perfect arrangement for you.  Looking to send a gift right now?  Check out our on-line store for great ideas.


People have been collecting orchids for over 3,000 years.  Many consider orchids to be one of nature's most beautiful creations.  Our stores take pride in carrying a wide variety of orchids from around the world, giving you numerous types to choose from such as the easy care Phalaenopsis to hard-to-find Cattleya.  Orchids are the perfect remedy for brightening up a room or even someone's day.


Bonsai combine the aesthetics of fine art with the skills of horticulture.  It is the art of growing trees in a confined space to simulate natural conditions such as extreme weathering, age or contorted form.  Bonsai recreate some of nature's most beautiful effects on a reduced scale.  Whether you are a beginner or a lifelong advocate, our stores have the materials and help that you need to enjoy the beauties of bonsai.


Choose from contemporary ceramics, terra cotta, faux finishes, concrete or even hand thrown pots.  Our stores carry a wide variety of sizes and styles including specialty containers for orchids and bonsai.  Forever in search of interesting pottery, we receive small shipments of stone, metal, wooden, glass and other unusual containers each month.  Whether they are hand painted by local artists or carved in a far away land, these unique pots come in many shapes and sizes.

Fountains & Garden Accessories

The sight and sound of moving water calms the mind and spirit.  Our stores carry desktop, wall and garden fountains in both traditional and contemporary designs.  While you are enjoying a bubbling fountain, lighten your load of garden tasks with our garden tools and helpers. 


Plants that live more than one season create uniformity and consistency in your garden.  Let us help you plant a butterfly garden; or maybe you want flowers that look beautiful cut and dried.  Whether it is for xeriscaping or a bog garden, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Quick to mature with brightly colored flowers, most annuals bloom abundantly all summer long.  What could be better for profuse summer color than lots of mixed annuals in container gardens and hanging baskets?  Our team can help you find the perfect annuals for your garden.

Water Wise

Water-wise or xeriscaping means gardening in a water efficient manner.  Limited water does not mean lawnless landscaping.  It doesn't mean just rocks, gravel, cactus and yuccas.  A water-wise garden can provide color from spring through fall with visual interest during the winter.  And you will be surprised at how many varieties of plants are available that will simultaneously lower your water bill and beautify your garden.

Container Gardens

Some days there just isn't enough time to smell the flowers let alone plant them.  We can plant your containers at either of our stores or can come fill them at your home or business.  If you are in need of a container, we have a great selection available and we can also order them to meet your specific requirements.  Our designers can match foliage to your lighting needs and style requirements.  With our wide range of containers to choose from, you're sure to find something to keep your space feeling fresh and alive.

Trees & Shrubs

Besides providing shade and shelter, trees bring year-around beauty through their foliage, flowers and fruit.  They soften hard architectural lines, frame special views and block out unattractive ones.  Shrubs form a foundation that ties a landscape together.  They are constant and unobtrusive as they help to create backgrounds, texture and provide a smooth transition from tree canopy to ground level.  We have a wide selection of both trees and shrubs to choose from.

Gifts & Home Furnishings

Our stores carry a variety of home and garden accessories from picture frames to beautiful vases perfect for giving or for keeping.  Whether these items are hand-painted by local artists or carved in a far away country, we are confident something will catch your eye from our collection of sculptures, sundials, stepping stones, bird ware, plant holders, and more.