Cactus & Tropicals is proud to be celebrating 40 years as an independent, locally owned business in Utah.  We have grown from humble beginnings in 1975 to employ over 100 people today.  We have been able to sustain our growth through personalized customer service, creativity and determination.  Our employees in both our retail and commercial divisions are committed to creating a positive customer experience and providing real value to every customer.  Most of all, though, we appreciate our customers who are committed to supporting local business to the benefit of our community.  Thank you for making our first 40 years memorable and fun.

Cactus & Tropicals is committed to:

 Providing an enjoyable work environment
Maintaining the highest standards of integrity, open-mindedness and equality
The highest quality of products
Sustaining an inspiring and comfortable shopping environment
 Outstanding customer service
Upholding a knowledgeable staff