Create a beautiful Space

Cactus & Tropicals is the largest provider of plant maintenance services in the inter-mountain west.  We service plants in over 900 locations including hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, homes, and malls.   

Our horticultural services department provides residential and commercial customers a weekly plant maintenance service contract, ensuring that the plants in their office or home stay beautiful and healthy.  Our designers and technicians are trained to identify which plants will compliment your space and then, on a weekly basis, come to your home or office to clean, prune, fertilize and refresh staging materials.  They will also treat your plants for pests or disease.  If your Cactus & Tropicals plants aren't looking their best under our supervision, we will replace them with fresh and healthy ones - free of charge. 

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plant services

In addition to watering, our weekly plant maintenance services include cleaning (foliage and containers), refreshing staging materials, pruning, pest management and periodical fertilizing.  We use only the safest, non-toxic pest control and cleaning products.  Our Utah plant service areas include Salt Lake, Davis, Summit, Utah, Wasatch and Weber counties.  Please contact us for more information.

Our Guarantee

Despite all efforts, the health and vitality of some indoor plants may decline over time.  When you have contracted with us to provide service, we replace unhealthy or unsightly foliage plants with no additional charge to our customer's monthly bill.

Plant maintenance Program Fees

Considering all that is included in our plant services, you might be surprised by it affordable cost.  On a weekly basis, a technician trained in plant care will water, prune, clean, fertilize and take care of pest control for your Cactus & Tropicals plants. 

Plant Rentals

Plants staged in containers may be rented for an event, home staging, convention, trade show or on a long term basis.  For more information about plant rentals, Please contact us for details.

Weekly Floral Services

Blooming Bowls, which contain orchids, bromeliads and other live blooming plants or Cut Floral Arrangements for reception desks, conference rooms and centerpieces are expertly crafted, and maintained by our staff.  For more information Please contact us for details.

Corporate Gifts

Think of us for creative and tasteful gifts throughout the year.  Our offerings are designed to be unique and to leave a lasting impression on your customers, business associates and employees.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you identify the right gifts for your organization and deliver them in a professional and timely manner.  For more information Please contact us for more information.

Outdoor Container Gardens

Cactus & Tropicals offers a large selection of custom designed container gardens to create focal points and accents on your store front, patio, deck or other outdoor living areas.  We can plant or refresh existing containers or create custom new ones.  Continual maintenance services are also available.  Please contact us for more information.

Holiday Decoration Lease Program

Both commercial and residential customers may contract with Cactus & Tropicals to provide holiday decorations.  We will design, deliver, set up, and take down your decorations and store them for you in one of our storage facilities.  You may pick from one of our standard "themes" or we will work with you and your team to develop a custom design.  You celebrate, we will decorate.  Please contact us for more information.