Cymbidiums are terrestrial (ground dwelling) orchids, native to the high elevations of South East Asia. Their grassy foliage and multi-spiked flowers can grow into a plant of good size. They generally bloom in December and January, making them a winter favorite


Keep your orchid evenly moist but never soggy. Avoid drought conditions, but never allow plants to sit in water. If your orchid has been placed in a decorative container, carefully tip and drain the container after watering.


Cymbidiums tolerate a broad range of temperatures. A "cool down" period is required to encourage your plant to bloom. A variation between day and night temperatures of 10F to 15F degrees is helpful, but 3 or 4 weeks of night temperatures in the range of 43F to 53F degrees is essential for flowers.


Cymbidiums require bright light all year long. The leaves should be firm and light green. Soft, dark green foliage may indicate too little light, whereas black or red leaf tips may be a sign of sunburn.


A high nitrogen fertilizer during the spring and summer months followed by feedings high in phosphorous in the fall, will create a beautiful, healthy plant.


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