Citrus plants don’t like being overwatered. Check the soil surface every few days and give your plant a thorough drink when it feels dry. Don’t let water build up in the saucer, allowing your plant to sit in it.


Bright direct light is best for your citrus. To ensure flowers and fruit, give your plant at least four hours of direct sun a day. Don’t deadhead spent blooms as these will form fruit. Also avoid jolting your plant while it is in bloom. Summer outside in a sunny location to keep your citrus at its best.


Fertilize every two weeks, while your plant is actively growing (in spring and early summer) with a high acid fertilizer. This will help keep your plant green and beautiful.


Pinch growing tips frequently to keep your plant full and bushy.


In home environments citrus are generally free of pests. However, do examine your plant every few weeks and keep foliage clean to discourage any unwanted guests such as spider mite and scale.