Cyclamen need moist, but not waterlogged soil. They tolerate short periods of drought, but should not be allowed to wilt. Try not to water directly onto the base of the plant. The tuber may rot with excess water. Using cool water, or placing a few ice cubes in soil once a week, can help prolong the bloom period.


Cyclamen will grow best in a sunny window. If the window area gets too hot, move the plant into a cooler, brightly lit location. Too low of light will cause the plant to thin out considerably.


Feed your cyclamen often. New blooms will keep coming for several weeks if you fertilize regularly. An all purpose, or bloom fertilizer will work best.

Special notes

Keep old or fading flowers and leaves pinched from your cyclamen. Make sure to remove the flowering stalk as well as the flower when pinching back. Cyclamen prefer temperatures between 60F and 65F degrees, and can remain blooming for a long time, if kept cool.