Each plant in your flower basket is potted in its own individual plastic pot and set inside a plastic liner to catch any excess moisture when it is watered. Be sure to check each plant’s soil every few days to make sure they do not become too dry. Be careful when watering to direct water to the base of the plants so that water does not splash outside of the liner and possibly drip through the basket. Take care not to overwater. Plants should not be sitting in water.


A bright, indirect light is suitable for your basket. Hot, direct light may burn delicate foliage. Also, keep your basket out of any hot or cold draft to prevent leaves from shocking, or drying out.

Special Notes

With care, your basket should remain beautiful for some time. However, most flowering plants have a finite period in which they will stay in bloom. Trim off any spent flowers or dying leaves. Plants that are finished blooming can easily be removed from the basket and replaced with fresh blooming plants to prolong your enjoyment of the arrangement.