Ficus should be watered thoroughly, and then allowed to dry out slightly. It is a good habit to check your ficus for pests when you water it. Be on the lookout for scale, an insect that appears as small brown bumps on the stem or leaves. Also, shiny spots on the leaves may be an indication of scale or other insect problems.


In general, ficus are adaptable, easy-going plants that do well with 3 or more hours of sun per day, and normal household temperatures. Plants with variegated leaves need more sun than those with solid green leaves.

Special Notes

Ficus may drop leaves in response to changes in their environment, such as light, temperature, humidity or drafts. This may be alarming, but it is normal and on a healthy tree the leaves will grow back. Figs do best, when they are pot bound, so should only need repotting every 3 -4 years.