The gardenia prefers to be moist, but not soggy. Let the soil surface dry out between watering. Gardenias dislike the high mineral content of our Utah water. It is best to use warm rain water, or distilled water for watering and misting. Placing the gardenia in a spot with higher humidity, or frequently misting the leaves will help keep the gardenia blooming longer.


Cool temperatures will help flowers last. A night time temperature below 62F degrees is necessary to set buds. Keeping your gardenia between 60F and 65F degrees, while it is in bloom, is best. When the gardenia is out of bloom, it may have warmer temperatures.


Gardenias need sun to bloom. Between 4 and 6 hours of sun per day is ideal.


Feed regularly with a high acid fertilizer. Bloom fertilizer should be substituted on occasion to provide higher phosphorus for healthy bloom production.

Special notes

Gardenias like to spend the summer outdoors in a sheltered area. Some morning light is good, but afternoon shade is a must. Don’t forget that plants dry out faster outside. Check the soil every day. Bring your gardenias inside during periods of hot, dry wind.