Don’t let your ivy topiary become dry. Check the soil surface every other day and give your plant a thorough drink when it is starting to dry out. Don’t let water build up in the saucer, allowing your plant to sit in it. Ivy also likes humidity and will appreciate occasional misting.


A bright, indirect light is best for your ivy – hot, direct light may burn the foliage. Topiaries also prefer cooler temperatures – be careful not to position them where a heater vent will blow on them.


Fertilize twice a month during the growing season (early spring to fall) with an all purpose fertilizer. This will keep your plant green and beautiful.


Shape can easily be maintained with a series of pinching back and tucking in shoots of foliage.


To guard against pest invasions, such as spider mites, wash the top of the plant monthly in a dishpan of soapy warm water (1 tsp./gal. water). For best results dunk the whole top of the plant. let some soap dry on the leaves. In addition, a systemic insect control is strongly recommended