Lucky bamboo will grow in low to bright light. Direct morning sun will speed up growth, but too much sun will burn the leaves.


Most lucky bamboo are grown directly in water. In this case, change the water every other week. Always make sure to keep the roots of all stalks covered with water. Add water as it is used by the plant. If your lucky bamboo has been planted in soil, water thoroughly, then allow the surface of the soil to dry before watering again.


Use a mild dose of all purpose fertilizer, once or twice a year, during periods of growth.

Special Notes

When lucky bamboo is kept in water, glass, stones or beads are often used to support the stalk. Make sure that whatever is used for decoration or support, is non-organic and will not break down or dissolve in water. After time, tap water will leave hard water rings on the inside of the container. Use distilled water to prevent hard water build up on decorative vases.