The light requirements of palms vary from low light to direct sun depending on the variety. The Kentia and Rhapis palms can live and grow in low to bright light. Triangle, Spindle, Bamboo and Fan Palms all need direct sun typical of a Southern or Western exposure.


Palms need good drainage, and should never be allowed to stand in water. Use a soil probe to check the soil half way down the pot. Water thoroughly when the top half of soil (top quarter of the soil for Rhapis palms) is dry. The time it takes in between watering will vary according to light, temperature and air circulation. If watered too often or allowed to sit in water, black or yellow spots will appear as a sign of root rot. If given to little water, fronds will turn brown and dry.


Fertilizer high in nitrogen will encourage strong healthy new growth during the warm season. Palms need a rest from fertilizer during the winter months.


Special Notes

Palms can be susceptible to some plant pests. It is very important to keep your palm clean and dust free. Remove any brown or damaged fronds. Keep in mind that fronds lower on the palm will eventually turn brown and will need to be removed.