Phalaenopsis, commonly referred to as Moth Orchids are considered one of the most popular orchids to grow and bloom in the home.  Phals have long lasting flowers which can often bloom more than once per year.


Always test your orchid before watering.  Temperatures and seasons will affect the watering needs of your orchids, which come in a variety of mediums.  Those in fir bark generally need a thorough soaking every 7-10 days but should be “finger tested” first


Phalaenopsis are warm climate epiphytic plants that optimally grow at temperatures ranging from 62F-82F. Once budded, the temperature should not fall below 59F. This destroys flower buds causing them to turn yellow and drop off.


Phalaenopsis prefer bright and indirect sunlight. A direct South or West exposure may damage leaves by causing sunburn.

Special Notes

Phals prefer fertilizer rich in phosphate while actively growing. After blooming switch to one richer in nitrogen and potassium. This will help the plant rebloom. If your orchid has been placed into a decorative container, carefully tip and drain the container after watering.